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Textbooks, Equipment, and Supplies

The tuition fee includes the complete cost of in-class instruction to achieve the graduation requirements for the program. Tuition for the Hairstyling Program includes 40 weeks of in-class practical and theoretical instruction. The Aesthetics Program includes 32 weeks.


The cost of the program inlcudes all required textbooks. And on the 1st day of class, students recieve a comprehensive kit containing the tools required for their trade and all of the supplies they'll need while they're attending school.

Creating a Budget for College


Choosing to invest in a college education is a significant decision for many families. While most find that investing in post secondary education can pay for itself in the long-run, in the short-run families may find they need to make the most of the resources at their disposal. Understanding the costs and using your finances wisely will help make ends meet.

How much will it cost to attend Cappa's 9 month programs?


We made our fee structure simple and straightforward. That means there's never any hidden fees; no middle-of-the-year surprise invoices; and no funny accounting. We tell you exactly what it'll cost you to complete the 9 month program the day you start. And we tell you the exact day you should be eligible to graduate. The cost of the program includes tuition and all of the technical equipment and supplies you'll need to successfully complete the 9 month program.

Tuition Budget Page

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A complete budget includes more than just the cost of tuition, books, equipment and supplies.


All of these other things also need to be factored into your budget .....


How will you be getting to and from college?

  • Drive your own car?

    • Add to your budget the cost of car payments, gas and insurance over the 9 month program. 

    • Parking on Cappa's lot is free but there are very few spaces available. Most students choose to take advantage of the ample free parking along streets around the campus.

  • Will you need to purchase monthly bus passes?

  • If your living away from home, add the cost of periodic trips home for the holidays.


if you don't know what your monthly bill is, $50 per month for 9 months is a good average estimate to use as a placeholder.

Married students ...

It is difficult to provide detailed advice to married students because each circumstance is different. But a good rule of thumb is that couples should double these estimates.

Living expenses - will you be living away from home?

Naturally, living with your parents is a cheaper option than living on your own. But if you are intending to live on your own, add the following costs to your budget:

  • rent -- market rents in the St. Catharines area in a shared student facility range approximately $400-600* per month. 

  • utilities -- some leases include utilities, for ones that don't be sure to remember that utility costs may increase in winter months

  • food --  choices include home cooked meals vs. dine-in restaurants vs. take out so the cost estimates can vary widely depding on tastes, but most students budget $50 to $75 per week for food


* Actual rent costs will vary according to the type of accommodation and the number of people sharing the facility.

Pocket money?

Many students budget for an average of $50 a week (or about $450 over the 9 month program) for miscellaneous purchases, such as... 

  • pens, pencils, paper, binders

  • snacks, drinks

  • entertainment

However, this figure should be adjusted to fit your own personal lifestyle.

COVID-19 Announcement:   

We are happy to announce that public salon and spa services is now OPEN by Appointment.

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